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If this is your first time here, welcome to Mildred Baptist Church. 

MBC is located just a few miles west of Richland-Chambers Reservoir (the third largest inland reservoir by surface area in Texas), and just a few miles east of Corsicana. 

Through the years, Mildred has been an oasis of hope to our community and we pray you will experience that hope and love as soon as you walk through the door. 

Take a few moments to learn more about what you can expect on your first visit to MBC. 

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Sunday 10:30 worship service is held in the Worship/Event Center (back of the property) and offers a choice of a table or individual chair seating. That's different, huh? It's your choice! 


The music is a blend of classics and top 40 contemporary hit songs. While we do not currently have a "live" band, we anticipate that day coming soon! We do utilize projection for lyrics and message notes. Our worship is exciting and refreshing, and the message is relevant, encouraging, and challenging. 

What to Wear

Dress is casual and we encourage you (and your family) to enjoy coffee/donuts at your table any time. 

What are the people like?

Our congregation is a "generational mix" and it is comprised of people who are teachers, students, managers, self employed, etc, and a few that are lucky enough to be retired.


What other 1st time guests have said - 
no, we didn't make it up :))

"genuine and real"

"felt like I was home with family"

"multiple people said hello to me"

"loved the wide open worship space & friendliness" 

"the coffee & donuts are amazing!"

"they actually called me by my name"

"thank God...I have a table to put my Bible & Coffee on!" 


Some churches call it Sunday School (some still do at our church), some call it a small group, but we call our groups, LIFE GROUPS! It's simply a group of people learning more about the Bible. Our "Life Groups" meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM. We have groups for all ages. 

More questions or just let us know you are we can vacuum first!!!

Thanks for submitting!

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