Updated 10.12.22  

“God always answers our prayer. Either He changes the circumstances, or He supplies sufficient power to overcome them.” 

Alred, Timmy – Heart surgery/Pacemaker (D. Simmons friend)
Acremont, Ashely – health 
Bell, David – Rehab/Heritage Oaks #310 (L. Sigmond Brother)
Berneking, David/Patsy – son/Stephen Adams/cancer/spiritual heart/not a church goer 
Bryant, Wendy – healing/physical therapy
Guidry, Judd – appointment at MD Anderson 
Hancock, Logan’s – uncle’s mother /surgery Tuesday 
Hickey, Matt – recovery/rehab from stroke
Howard, Ken – leg/knee pain – recovery from surgery
Langham, Jim & Carol/family
McGraw, Robyn – extra employee needed at Pharmacy
Reynolds, Charles (family) – passing of wife, Donna 10.09
Robbins, Phil – job opportunity  (searching for new project)
Susan – broken elbow/surgery (friend of D. Simmons) Sciatica
Teresa –hospitalized/cancer (niece of Dorothy Mitchell) 
Vasquez, Alycia – hospitalized (friend of Carol Robbins) 

Judd Guidry – appointment at MD Anderson/Thursday 10/06
Hope to Go Food Pantry fed 361 individuals last month. 

Community & National Needs 
Mildred ISD/Corsicana High: Teachers/Students  
President Biden & leaders 

​MBC Ministries:
Hope to Go Food Pantry  
Prison Ministry (E. Jernigan/D. Simmons)
RTR (Recover Texas Rehab)
Life Groups 
Worship Services 10:30 AM (pray for our weekly services)


College Students
Macee/Madi Shealy/Jonathan Cobb/Jenna Cobb/Lauren Hallmark
Logan Hancock    


Text your prayer request to: 903-874-7928 or email
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